Sardinia through the eyes of the photographer

If you are a photographer and found yourself on this island, here you will find inspiration in almost all kinds of photography.
Let's start from the fact that you are in the most remote land where the most ancient civilizations lived. This island was formed at a time when Europe did not yet exist. There is a popular theory that Sardinia is Atlantis sung by Homer. The nuragic civilization has left ancient buildings - the Nuraghi - unique in the world and comparable only to the pyramids; Domus de Janas and other sacral structures. It is the land where the ancient warriors of Shardana fought with the ancient Egyptians; island full of ancient Roman ruins and medieval castles.



La Maddalena

For those who practice food photography here there is a unique cuisine, rich in local dishes, seafood, cheeses, wines, desserts and lots of fruit. Throughout the year there are many regional festivals with original customs and traditions.
The island is always in bloom both in winter and in summer. But from March to June there is a riot of blooms and perfumes.
Among the extraordinary themes for photography in Sardinia there are certainly the sea and nature: crystal clear water, sapphire, turquoise, emerald accompanied by white sand or rocks ... The rocks of Sardinia are another theme apart. They can be white, red, black. Some look like sculptures similar to animals, people or futuristic objects; others seem to be sets for film about other planets.
So many foreign couples come here every year to celebrate the wedding or spend the honeymoon, because here are the best wedding locations and I feel lucky to live and photograph in Sardinia.

Inside the island we find national parks, high headlands, pristine forests with wild animals, caves with stalactites, fabulous waterfalls ... But there are no dangerous predators or poisonous snakes. Just like in paradise, is it not? I tried to briefly mention all the beauties of the island and it turned out to be a little pompous and messy, but all of this really is Sardinia.
Perhaps in the world there are places with more beautiful waterfalls, ruins or architecture. But there is certainly no such place, an island like this, where all of this is gathered. A paradise for relax, a paradise for weddings, a paradise for the photographer.